Declaration of Performance

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CountryCodeVersionLanguageTypeNameValid from
SIC108030II3010000ΕλληνικάETICS GF - IFIBRAN xps ETICS GF - I 1250X600X8001.01.2013
SIS103020II2010000PortuguêsFABRICFIBRAN xps FABRIC 1250X600X3001.01.2013
SIC102120II5100000HrvatskiFABRIC ATFIBRAN xps FABRIC AT 2100X600X2101.01.2013
SIKOTNIK 1250 M000ΕλληνικάKOTNIKFIBRAN xps Kotnik01.01.2013
SICH110050LL1010000Português500SAGEX xps 500 1250X600X10001.01.2013
SICH110030II2010000HrvatskiStyroSAGEX xps Styro 1250X600X10001.01.2013
SIC205030II2010000ΕλληνικάS STYROFIBRAN xps S STYRO 1250X600X5001.01.2013
SIS210030LL1010000DeutschS 300 - LFIBRAN xps S 300 - L 1250X600X10001.01.2013
SIC108030LL1010000Français300 - LFIBRAN xps 300 - L 1250X600X8001.01.2013
SIC208050LL1010000RomanaS 500 - LFIBRAN xps S 500 - L 1250X600X8001.01.2013
SIS106030LL3010000DeutschETICS GFFIBRAN xps ETICS GF 1250X600X6001.01.2013
SIC203025II3020000FrançaisS ETICS GF - IFIBRAN xps S ETICS GF - I 2500X600X3001.01.2013
SIS203025II1010000RomanaS 300 - IFIBRAN xps S 300 - I 1250X600X3001.01.2013
SIC218030LL1010000DeutschS 300 - LFIBRAN xps S 300 - L 1250X600X18001.01.2013
SIS108040LL1010000Français400 - LFIBRAN xps 400 - L 1250X600X8001.01.2013
SIS106030LL4020000RomanaETICS BTFIBRAN xps ETICS BT 2500X600X6001.01.2013
SIS114030II3010000DeutschETICS GF - IFIBRAN xps ETICS GF - I 1250X600X14001.01.2013
SIC108030II3010000FrançaisETICS GF - IFIBRAN xps ETICS GF - I 1250X600X8001.01.2013
SIS103020II2010000RomanaFABRICFIBRAN xps FABRIC 1250X600X3001.01.2013
SIC102120II5100000DeutschFABRIC ATFIBRAN xps FABRIC AT 2100X600X2101.01.2013
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